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Laser Diodes

There are a large variety of wavelength-selected single-mode laser diodes available from stock. Among more standard laser diodes, you will find "pearls" such as 397 nm, 715 nm or 1120 nm right from the stocklist.

It is possible to integrate any diode from the stock lists into a tunable diode laser system, however, it is also possible to purchase the diode separately. Each type of diode is carefully tested in an external cavity laser configuration with respect to coarse tuning range, mode-hop-free tuning range and power limits. The results are disclosed on request to the customer in a detailed datasheet.

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Scientific Diode Lasers

Scientific Diode Lasers cater to the vast majority of spectroscopic applications in physics, chemistry and life sciences. One of the principal strenghts is that customized adaptations and modifications can be developed in-house.

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Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

The next generation ultrafast fiber lasers for science and industry are robust, reliable and compact. They have a unique wavelength coverage and can be used for several key applications. They are very user-friendly and cost effective.

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Industrial / OEM Lasers

The industrial diode lasers combine sophisticated laser physics and rock-solid opto-mechanical engineering, completed by convenient computer-control and intelligent protection measures. Whenever you strive for highest pulse rates or real single-frequency operation, best beam quality or most efficient SM fiber-coupling, these diode lasers will do it.

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A modern optical laboratory needs analysis and measurement tools, to prepare the laser beam in the requested shape, control its spectral performance, separate it from undesired feedback, etc. Please find here a variety of accessories to complement your laser source, equipment that in the daily operation of diode lasers is more than useful.

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Wavelength Meters

The sensitive and compact wavelength meters have a large spectral range for high speed measurement of lasers. The optical unit consists of temperature-controlled interferometers that are read out by photodiode arrays. The high absolute accuracy is achieved by use of solid state, non-moving optics.

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Precision Current Sources

The current sources of the series BCS (bipolar current source) and CCS (constant current source) have been developed for precision experiments in the areas of quantum optics and atomic physics and are especially suitable for the technically demanding requirements in the area of physical basic research.

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